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Money first, customer service last

Japan Crate on Apr 2020

Pretty disappointed in their customer service. I have been charged extra shipping fees without being informed and when I contested it, they used the excuse of automatic renewal. Let's say that it is ok to automatically renew even if you registered for a 3 months service, it is not ok to charge extra fees without noticing the customer. Even the Japanese Consumer Protection Fundamental Act says that: "Under the Act, a consumer can cancel his or her will to conclude a contract under certain conditions. For example, a cancellation is possible if the consumer decided to conclude the contract because the seller had intentionally lied on an important matter or had failed to represent important disadvantageous facts to the consumer. Here, the "important matter" includes information on the goods such as quality and use, and conditions of the contract such as price and terms of payments." Those fees were hidden so I should be allowed to contest and cancel my subscription. Plus the automatic renewal is pretty much is pretty sneaky. Even if you agree, there should be a notification to remind you 3, 6 or 12 months later. This is a tactic to make people pay without being really willing to renew. It is a nice idea, the products are ok, for a few months, but the way the customer service is managed is pretty poorly. They reply to a generic answer without giving any care to your request. When you face that kind of service, it is proof...

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