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One subscription we want to keep!

Wonder Crate on Sep 2021

My kiddo is into the subscription boxes and we are trying out many of them to see which ones are keepers. Here’s what we think about the wonder crate jr box for 5 to 7 year olds.
- really like the idea behind the crate. What differentiates it from other craft and learning crates is that you focus on learning about one innovator/notable figure
- excellent quality book included. Kiddo sat through in one reading and we re read it again. She learned a lot
- fosters the type of values that my family wants to encourage (so true what the creator says about social media and entertainment begin the focus of what mainstream media wants for our kids!)
- kiddo really enjoyed making her dream catcher which was a cute craft paired with the crate
- came with pamphlet highlighting points about the figure featured
- a new pencil - and yes somehow kids like pencils
- and a small booklet with activities but that didn’t hold my kiddo’s attention much
I think it’s a fun box and I’m glad we subscribed. It feels a bit costly for what you get in the junior box but we would subscribe with a discount and/or a longer subscription period to cut down on price.
It is a great box to complement other of my kid’s favorite boxes and I’d recommend it !!

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