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Overall excellent time!

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Feb 2020

We enjoyed the first box so much, we purchased a 6 pack of the individual boxes so we have enough to do 2/month for a while. Excellent date night activity! I also like that none of the items inside are one time use, so we can gift the box when we’ve finished it.

The storylines/depth of problem solving could go another layer deeper, but overall for the price especially, it’s such a good time! I like that I’m not absolutely stumped on any of the puzzles, but some of them are really easy. There was one card that we didn’t realize was double sided (definitely our bad, obviously). We spent a couple hours trying to solve the associated puzzle, coming up with so many different much deeper ways this puzzle could have been solved. It was disappointing to realize we just didn’t notice the double sided card and the puzzle was not nearly as complex as we had thought it might have been.

Again, for that price, it’s a great time for date night! Love the connected-ness it requires!

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