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HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jun 2021

I cannot say anything else about this business. Hopebox is exactly what it says it is -- a box of hope! I lost my mother early last year and it hasn't been the easiest to deal with. She was my best friend and we talked about everything. Since her passing, I’ve been trying to find ways to cheer up, keep busy, get involved -- something to keep my spirits up.
One day I decided to grab my handy dandy laptop and browse the internet for unique gifts and ideas. I came across Cratejoy, and ultimately Hopebox. When I saw Hopebox pop up, I thought to myself, “what a cliche”. What could possibly be considered hope in a box? But, as I began reading the reviews and about some of the things that came in the box, I decided to give it a whirl. Luckily with subscription boxes and customer service these days, you can send anything back if you don’t like it. So, I waited for my box.
About a week or so later, I saw my box at my front door after I got home from a meeting. It was nicely packaged, simple, not too too heavy. I opened it up on my living room table, and I immediately liked everything I saw. Not only did it come with handmade jewelry, fine tea, and facial care, but it had a bunch of messages and books --things you don’t typically find in other boxes or services. It reminded me of some...

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