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Worst Customer Service/Money Stealers

SpandexBox on Jun 2018

We ordered the 6 month SpandexBox as a valentine's day give for myself from my fiance. Got 3 months worth and they were really nice. They even came with cute little jewelry items each time. I loved each box, but we had made the decision we needed to cancel the subscription early.
I emailed them about it and they said that was fine and that we would be refunded for the remainder balance by the end of the month back in August. We never received this refund even after it was promised to us. I have repeatedly emailed them back asking where it was and when I could expect it. Still no response. I Made it very easy for this company to send us back the money and even gave them the option to send us back the last 3 months worth of leggings, just as long as I got what we paid for. STILL no response.
This company seems like a good company but really they are NOT good at all and have the worst customer service. I was loyal from the beginning but I will never recommend this company to another person. I'm willing to update this review in the future if SpandexBox plays fair and gives me my promised refund or the last 3 shipments of leggings, but until then, BEWARE. They WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. Especially since they will keep renewing your subscription if you don't cancel in time (which is what we planned on doing)...

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