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[UPDATE] Mistakes

Creation Crate on Apr 2020

So I worked with CC about getting the missing parts - and my son and I have done 2 projects - And they worked GREAT! My son enjoyed the experience and he was engaged.

Shipping can be a little slow - response can be a little slow -
Working with them and viewing the content - you can tell they are working to make a great product to educate people. If you have the right expectations it's a great kit

I have decided to keep my subscription and I am happy about it

So I got the 1st crate in a reasonable time - Once I opened it the project was the Mood Light but the pamphlet was for the Project 2 with the wrong code for redeeming the Instructions.
I had to wait 2 days to get the "right" code.
Once I had some time to try it - when I had time with my son - the code didn't work - So now it's twice my son and I made time to do the crate and twice we couldn't
This makes it difficult to keep his attention - I finally after a year of asking if wanted to do some Arduino projects got him to agree - and this looked like a good way to foster that - and now it's 2 negative experiences.

Honestly, I think I am going to do it myself at this point so I don't damage his interest anymore.

The whole redeeming the course with a...

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