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Pretty good box

Green Kid Crafts on Apr 2020

I did really like this box, personally. My son is 4, but has autism. He has a very short attention span and likes to do things his own way. With that said, he wasn't very interested in the puppet/fairytale part, but he loved the "airplane" (the sword) that he could decorate, and he also loved the catapult we built.
In these times were going through, being stuck in the house.. these activities came in very handy for rainy days (literally).
I only have a few negatives, even though I understand each box cannot be curated to each child individually.
One, the shipping. It took quite a long time for us to receive our first box. Over a month. However, it does seem like we may be receiving the second box a little faster.
Two, I chose the big for his age range but still feel the activities were a little too high for him. But, even though he is incredibly intelligent, he's still at a younger attention level, if that makes sense. So that may not necessarily be the curaters issue.
Lastly, I did have to pull out our item arts and crafts box to be able to really create the puppets. But that also leads me to..
The positives.
One, there was quite a bit of crafting pieces in the box, and I especially appreciated the little glue dots!
Two, very cute, unique crafts that really open up the imagination!
Three, so much potential in this box! My 7 year...

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