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Finally a box for writers! Love it!

Scribbler on Jun 2021

I've been subscribed since the debut box and I've never once considered canceling it. First off, I love that this is a box for WRITERS. Yes, there is a book in each box, but there is related material like a Writing Passport with advice on a different topic each month, along with peeks behind the scenes (real examples of a line editor's notes, for example). There have been some AMAZING box contents, including several journals, tasty treats, pins, tote bags, decals for laptops, writing prompt books, even a Story of my Life that encourages you to really WRITE it, not just fill in blanks.
There have been a few hiccups...they made a change to the shipping process which proved to be EXTREMELY unpopular with the subscribers, V&L heard the feedback and changed it back (probably taking a financial hit to themselves by doing so). If something is missing from your box, which has happened to me a couple of times, customer service is VERY responsive and makes sure the item is in your next box. And yes, sometimes there were big misses with the content...one was a three-pack of plain highlighters I could have found at the dollar store. The monthly chats are great, but they can be a bit rushed (especially if there are tech problems), and they're at a time that's very difficult for those of us who still have to also work a day job. There is a replay,...

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