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Not good for US Shipping!!!

Hag Swag on Jul 2020

While the items were good quality, I found the description a little lacking. It forgot to say that of the ITEMS you would receive, half of them would be stickers/papers and not actual spell ingredients, as the description makes it sound. (I also had an additional item that simply appeared in the box with no description of what exactly it was.) There was also a lack of variety, which i found a little sad, but I could get over that. My BIGGEST issue was shipping! it took two weeks to arrive at my location in the united states, and for a week and a half of that, NO ONE COULD EVEN TELL ME WHERE MY BOX WAS!!!!! IT HAD SIMPLY VANISHED SOMEWHERE ON TO THE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT WITH NO WORD! The only shipping updates I received was when I purchased it and when it reached the US, but between all that, the box was completely untraceable. I found this incredibly frustrating because in US dollars, this was a an $80 box! Needless to say, I was very nervous about this fact. I waited a week, giving the package the benefit of the doubt, before contact the seller. The seller has still not gotten back to me two days later. In conclusion, it is a decent box, by I DO NOT recommend it for anyone in the US or anyone prone to anxiety, because this box definitely induced $80 worth of disappointment and stress over its disappearance.

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