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Succulent Studios on Jul 2020

I received the three month succulents as a Christmas gift from a family member. The first month of succulents I received had lost some dirt but have bloomed to be strong plants I can't wait to continue to monitor their growth. The second month I got a Blue Chalksticks and a Blue Burrito however the Blue Burrito was completely out of the dirt. I tried to stick it back in, water it, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Two weeks later and the Blue Burrito has limp and not taking to the soil. I really wanted the Blue Burrito after seeing it so I reached out to the company. I sent them photos, they stick behind their products and decided I needed a new Blue Burrito. I could not be more thrilled! I would not only recommend them to any plant lover, but I will 100% be sending these as gifts from now on to all my plant loving friends. Thank you Succulent Studios. The process was easy, and I am rarely impressed. Victoria was helpful, informative, and very professional. I wish this company the success they deserve.

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