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"Could you sign me up for more?"

MATTER on Jun 2021

Bought this box for our 11 year old son. When he opened it, he literally said "Are you going to write a review on Yelp or something like that? Because this box is really cool. Could you sign me up for more?" I actually rarely post reviews, so since he mentioned it, I thought I would. He showed me each item, and we read the cards to learn more. He especially liked the nuclear grade zirconium and the Baobab seeds. He said that the items are really special and rare not things you would get anywhere else. The box made him want to learn more about the items, and we looked some things up on the internet together. He liked telling me what he knew already or had learned about the objects. The items related to different areas of science - biology, chemistry, physics and also touched upon history and culture. Cool box - thank you and can't wait for the next one!

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