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good snacks, horrible shipping

Japan Crate on Aug 2020

I subscribed to Japan Crate in late March due to a promotion where you could get a sakura-themed Starbucks cup with your premium crate, and remained subscribed until late May, when my June crate was ordered. However, of all three crates I've ordered, the only one to arrive was my May crate. I have yet to receive my April crate, and I was only told that they had to use standard mail for my crate, extending the wait time (as of June 28th) to 6-8 weeks for shipping, after I submitted a support ticket asking where my crates were. I got a partial refund at the very least, but this was something that should've been communicated with me, and leaves me worried for my June crate. I understand COVID is screwing everything up, and that international shipping is expensive, but I don't think shipping to Florida should be this much of a nightmare.
The items inside the box itself were good, at least! There's a bit of everything, and it's an interesting mix of snacks. It's a perfect box to split with family and friends, though a lot of the smaller candies can be hit-or-miss, like the chalky ramune candies these boxes all seem to have. My personal favorite of the May crate was the Cinnamoroll Cafe Latte Mochi, which is a little surprising for me considering the fact I normally don't like mochi!
Overall, my recommendation would to be to look at other boxes. While the snacks are delicious and interesting,...

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