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the box is good

CHEFTRUNK on Apr 2020

I got this as a birthday gift from my brothers, and I'm pretty pleased with my first box. It was espelette pepper, maldon sea salt, and squid ink pasta, with a silicone plate grabber. Was it just salt, pepper, and pasta? Reader, it was. Was it FANCY salt, pepper, and pasta? You betcha! Stuff i would never buy for myself and not worth wasting on my basic-taste kids, but terrific for date night with the wife. I made sous vide cod wrapped in wild garlic and served it over Cacio e Pepe. Sounds very fancy! Wife made yummy noises and I got many upthumbs on Facebook and hearts on IG, which feed my already rather large ego.

Still got half the pasta so maybe I'll make the recipe included in the box. I've already got 4 grabber thingies, but whatever. I'm happy and my brothers are happy and that's all that matters. Looking forward to next month's box!


good but ordinary

Whisk Takers on Apr 2020

I decided to try it out for a month to see if it was worth a subscription. I got ingredients for "double chocolate cookies." The cookies were tasty, but pretty basic. My wife said that maybe the box was meant for really amateur bakers, but aside from maybe the cocoa powder and/or pink salt, it seems like the ingredients were just things that anyone with an oven would have in their pantry. I'm not even sure what the "double" aspect of the chocolate was supposed to be, since the only chocolate was cocoa powder. I ended up adding some chocolate chunks to about half the cookies. Over all it was... fine? It was fine, just probably best for someone else. I was hoping for something a little more out of the box (pun not really intended, but it's a good pun so I'll let it ride).

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