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Don't waste the money

Kyoki's Slime on Sep 2020

Ordered this back in March. Sent several emails asking when I would receive the package but never got an answer. Finally received an email saying it was on its way. Took about a week and a half to ship. Took about five months to receive my order.

Try having two kids ordering different boxes and one receives it that month while.the other has to wait five months. Not to mention, the package was so small and cheap looking. Looks like it was packaged in someones basement lol

Not worth $14 AT ALL. Could've gone to the dollar store and got it for ten bucks cheaper.

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Not Pleased

Worldwide Treats Inc on May 2020

I ordered Worldwide Treats on April 2 because it said the order would ship two days after ordering. Several weeks go by and at that point, I had messaged them several times about my box. Towards the end of April I receive a response that they were out of boxes and I should have received a refund already. The person that emailed me was polite and the refund was prompt. However, I find it unnecessary and irritating that it was so hard to get a response and that no one had bothered to let me know they were out of boxes.

As for the product, I can't say the quality because I have no idea. I cancelled my subscription and won't be ordering from them again. Sorry.

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