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I BELIVE THIS IS A SCAM! Do not buy!!!!

My Fairy Crate on May 2020

I BELIVE THIS IS A SCAM! I was so taken by this cute idea, and what a miserable failure of "My Fairy Crate" to fulfill contact promises and actually deliver a box. F.A.I.L.U.R.E.
1. After sending multiple messages, I have NEVER received a response.
2. I wanted to send a gift for my mother for Mother's day. I subscribed April 19th. It is now May 8th and the box HAS NOT SHIPPED. Despite the following listed on this website... Other's have apparently never received their shipments either, meaning this is likely a somewhat common occurrence. Taking my money for a product, and never fulfilling the promise is a violation of contract! If you do not fulfill the contact, and I do not get a full refund, then this company is a scam! I expect more from Cratejoy and I am so disappointed! This could be a cute, creative, and unique gift box. Instead, it is truly "enchanted" because it doesn't exist in the real world!
From their website: "Subscribe by the 30th TO RECEIVE THE NEXT MONTHS BOX. Boxes ship in the first week of the month. For example- if you subscribe March 1st your first box will arrive in April. Boxes ship the first week of the month and renew on the 15th. FLAT RATE SHIPPING $4.50 added to each box!"
Completely disappointed... Do not buy unless you want to just lose money. Now I have no gift to send for Mother's Day, and will be scrambling to...

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