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Everyone needs to check out World Ramens

World Ramens on Apr 2020

World Ramens really have something special here. Their selection of noodles are all top notch. The first bowl I tried was the "Pho" by Mama and it tasted pretty much just like the restaurant pho! Spectacular stuff. I never could have expected you could get this kind of quality in instant noodles. Since the pho tasted so good it set the bar pretty high for the remaining noodles. I didn't think the other noodles in the box bring back that initial amazement but boy am I happy to be wrong! Almost every noodle was top notch. I blew through my box on 8 noodles in 3 days. I may have overloaded my body with sodium but it was totally worth it. This is nothing less but the finest selection of instant noodles on the market. I will definitely renew my subscription.

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