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Way Overpriced and it arrived Late!

Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care on Aug 2021

$101 for about $10 worth of product. To be fair, there are 2 more on the way. So I guess it’s only 3 times more than you could buy it for yourself in a store.
We tried this out for a Mother’s Day gift for my wife. It was guaranteed to arrive on time. Not only did it arrive 2 days late, it was also a major disappointment! A few random sample sized products and a little pink rock. No card explaining what the different items are. It seems to be very overpriced for the few small items in the box. Very underwhelmed and I’m left feeling terrible. My hard working wife not only got her Mothers Day gift late but it also sucked. My wife said, “I hope you didn’t pay a lot for this.” So there’s that... Please save your money! Maybe just stick to flowers. I tried to do something different, don’t make the same mistake!

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