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VINYL MOON on Nov 2021

GORGEOUS! I bought this for my partner who loves indie rock and chill indie. He is pretty well versed in music knowledge and upcoming artists. However, he had not heard of any of the artists that were on this album which is awesome! It goes to show the time and effort the team put in to giving new bands a head start. As well, the art is just breathtaking. I love that it is a new artist every month. I was able to find the artist and buy a piece to help support their art further.
I would like to address the shipping. They send the box via media mail which is wicked slow BUT super cheap. My mom did this for me when I went to college to send all my books that I needed. I made sure to order early in the month in preparation for my partner’s birthday which was June 30. The box came well in advanced (I think June 20). Another fun thing is that they sent a welcome post card with a secret message on it that you play on your turntable. Im a physics teacher and this technology is always surprising me :)
Honestly I am so happy to have bought this.

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