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It's not good

XPLORE. on Jun 2022

Leaving one star because of how disappointing this box was from start to finish. :(
First of all, I had to contact customer service twice, the first time because my box shipped out late per their shipment times (just wanted to know when it would ship), and the 2nd time because once I did get a shipping confirmation the tracking number never actually moved (a week had passed with no movement, just wanted to know if that was normal). Neither time did I get a response from customer service. The "box" just showed up. Okay, fine, customer service isn't their strong point. I can handle that.
It's also not actually a box, you just receive your items loosely thrown into a mesh bag inside of a shipping envelope. Okay, whatever, presentation isn't their strong point. I can handle that too.
What really gets me was the selection and quality of toys though. We received a pocket vibrator with dusty components and a slightly damaged box that looked like it had been sitting in a warehouse for years. A finger vibrator that is just a second small/pocket-sized vibrator toy, so no real variety there (but at least it wasn't caked in dust...). A small $1.50 bottle of toy cleaner... A lube injector, with no lube. And a sex position "card game" that had at least 7 different varieties of missionary (hold yourself up! dont hold yourself up! Lay close! Lay closer!).
I'll be real with you: This wasn't a box for exploring. It was for...

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