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Love My Box!

Sow.Reap.Harvest on Apr 2022

I was so excited Kimberly a great friend had told me about a new product box that she was introducing to us. I did not hesitate to purchase. I love goodies! I was so excited to place my order for the Sow Reap Harvest Box; it was exciting to receive. It was packaged very well, even down to a beautiful green envelope when you open it and all the wrappings were beautiful. When I finally got down to the goodies inside, they were all awesome. Kimberly’s had so many great products inside that I received; I was extremely impressed with all the contents. You know that feeling you get a gift or just a package and the thrill to open the package; I do not know that must be that little girl thing in me. I loved the Sow Reap Harvest Box. She has done a tremendous job!

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