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The very best book subscription for kids

OurShelves on May 2020

I've been getting this subscription for my now two year old since they started and I absolutely love it. I'm a non-binary single parent, and my child's other parent is a transgender woman, so that is not a family structure that you can't find hardly anywhere in children's literature. Fortunately though we have gotten so many books that show so many different families from as many different backgrounds that you can imagine that it is easy for me to show my child that just because a family looks different from ours, it is no less of a family.

I also love that my AMAB, blond haired blue eyed child sees so many children that DO NOT look just like them in these books. I am so glad that I can use these books as a starting point to normalize the humanness of everyone, and not just people who might look like us, or just speak our language.

This is truly amazing and definitely worth it

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