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Continuous Shipping Issues

Jerky of The Month Club on Nov 2020

The products are great..... but actually getting the box ship has been a nightmare! I prepaid for a 6-month gift subscription for my husband. The first monthly box arrived without issue. The second month never arrived. Upon contacting the seller they advised they would look into the issue and did determine that the 2nd box never shipped. They stated the issue had been corrected and agreed to shipped both the 2nd box 3rd box together. Well, month 4 has come and gone with no box. I again reached out to the seller. I was recently notified by email that they would be shipping out the 4th box, which again was missed in thier "system".
I would be very cautious in purchasing this subscription, especially if you are considering giving this as a gift. Unless of course, you plan on following up every month with the person you purchased this for, just to ensure they actually received it, and then having to reach out to the seller to correct the issue every month. Not worth the hassle in my opinion.
With two pre-paid boxes left to go, I will have to wait and see if boxes 5 and 6 will ship as scheduled, but my hopes aren't very high.

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