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A gem of a subscription box!

11 & Thread on Oct 2020

I purchased this as a gift based on the autumn collection on the shop page. I liked what was in the “box” so much I purchased a 6 month subscription. I especially liked the jeans/tank top/flannel combination, sweater, and shoes that came in the box. The quality is much much better and style more realistic and pleasing than store bought clothes.
The outfits were all cute, and there is great mix and match potential. The clothes are for “Barbie” style dolls, but the quality of the materials and tailoring was so good, I decided to try them on a Obitsu 24 doll M bust (photo). Since the proportions on an Obitsu are different than a Barbie (Obitsu have more “natural” proportions), I’ll need to make some minor adjustments, such as altering the jean’s hem and waist, but this is no reflection on the shop, just my own capriciousness. The snap on the jeans instead of Velcro was a nice touch! The shoes fit Barbie, but not the Obitsu, though the felt boots might fit after I hem the pants. The shoes are so cute, I think I’ll try them on a Picco Neemo (1/12 doll).
In all I can’t wait for the next box.

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