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A Covid-19 Sanity Saver

The Conundrum Box on Jun 2020

My grandpa (86 years old) and my uncle (58 years old) live together thanks to my uncle being his primary caretaker. Due to covid, its just been the two of them. They have the basics of tech (literally just a TV) to entertain them. My uncle thankfully has a phone he can use to call the rest of the family, but that's largely all he uses it for. Bare basics. They've been driving each other crazy!
To help things, I started doing research and founds this box. I ordered and it sent/arrived roughly about a week after I started the subscription. Oh the excitement of my uncle/gpa when they received this was amazing! Something they've kept busy for hours trying to solve the mystery (and with both their memories a bit on the faded side, they struggled but in a good way). My uncle was excited to try the recipe that came with it (due to covid, he's become a bit more of an adventurous cook) and they turned it into a theme night between the two of them. We participated over a zoom call when they got stuck (since they don't have internet access and clues were on the website) and it was a big hit! My father's super happy with me too for finding this little treasure to keep his dad and bro busy. Give's him a break LOL (bonus points there).
My favorite part about these is that the themes are relatable to even my grandpa. If...

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