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All About the new Spirit Kit Refresh !

Spirit Trading Company on Jun 2021

We have been subscribers of the Spirit Kit Box since its conception in 2017, and could not be more pleased with the new style and rebranding. Each box is so thoughtfully considered and lovingly crafted. The summer solstice box had the most incredible body salve made with jojoba, almond, beeswax, coconut, dandelion, calendula, and lemongrass and i would buy this in the gallon if i could. The operation is ran by a wonderful woman who crafts everything from her barn workshop in Catskills NY. I truly appreciate her gift for words, as each intention card and written message feels like it was written directly from a genuine place of love for humanity. Also included in the kit were a quartz heart stone, a lavender, rose, herbal blend for 'refreshing the spirit', intention cards, and a Grapefruit Mangosteen candle that smells amazing. The Kit this time also came with the coolest herbal book, which was easy to read and the illustrations beautiful to look at, and i appreciate her including and supporting other artists. I would say the one difference between the previous kits and now, is that they now feel more luxurious with larger and more plush items such as the salve and the book which are just over the top amazing. Highly reccomend this kit and cannot say enough good things.
- Chante and Michael
Napa Valley

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