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A great gift for any DM!

Dungeon Crate™ on Jun 2021

I was so excited to receive this!
This is my first ever TTRPG subscription box, so I did my research. I chose this crate over dungeon in a box, because of all the reviews and unboxing videos on YouTube and elsewhere.
Gotta say, this was wonderful and I love it.
My first ever box contained two boxes of miniatures, one big monster and several goblins. I got information cards for a monster, and a magical item that I can throw into DND Beyond for my players super easily! I got a few map tiles that are great quality, and I cannot wait to be able to use. I also got a dice set, which was lovely, I love magically clacky clack math rocks!
The adventure that came with this box looks super fun, and I think that my players will absolutely love it!
Even better, especially for a DM like me where the majority of my games are played online via Zoom, the digital content this month is fantastic!
Thank you Dungeon Crate, I love this.

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