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Not worth the $$

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate on Dec 2020

Signed up for 6 month thinking it’s be a fun monthly activity. Wish I only did 1 month because I definitely wouldn’t have continued paying. 2 biggest issues were:
1. The cookie were pretty simple and boring - I was expecting for $30 to have fancier recipes and something that I couldn’t just make with stuff in my pantry already.
2. No choices - there were 2/6 months were I just didn’t like the flavor of cookie offered so my box was a complete waste. I wish they offered at least two choices each month so you can make sure you will actually like what you get.
There was also one month where the recipe was very misleading and ruined the cookies. The recipe comes with chocolate disks and the first section of the recipe walks you through how to make ganash. After following the recipe using the chocolate disks, I realized those disks were ALREADY the ganash I needed to use in the cookies and I didn’t need to re-ganash them again. Cookies were runny and I was unable to sue the ruined chocolate. These need better instructions.

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