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Shipping NO GOOD Customer Care Subpar

Hot Wing Monthly on Aug 2019

My husband LOVED the hot sauces that he did receive. HOWEVER, I recently received my second broken box. Now, I understand things happen in shipping BUT twice in a few short months isn't great. ALSO, I have yet to receive a solution back from the curator/owner. When my first box arrived broken, the owner QUICKLY answered my email and I received a free box the next month (unfortunately it was a duplicate of that months sauces). This time, I emailed him, received a message back asking me how I thought the issue should be resolved. When I asked if I could just get a refund for this month, I was ghosted. I have YET to hear back from the owner about the broken box, HAVE NOT received a refund, AND was charged for next month already. If I had received a resolution from the owner, I would still be subscribed. However, since I have not heard anything back in about 2 weeks, I had no choice but to cancel. I think it is disrespectful at this point now to answer my concerns. I should not have had to pay for a box that we were not able to enjoy.

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