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The Stoney Babe on Jul 2020

First time I got one of these boxes I was so excited. I would say this is a great box for those of you who do not have your very own favorite glass pieces. I've gotten two monthly boxes and loved both of them. The first one I got a nectar collector which is one of my favorite pieces, and in the other I received a mini bong (which i havent tried out). I then got a mystery box which i actually loved because i received a cute mini bong that i love to use. i also received a dab queen box which i havent used the dab bong yet but im excited to do so soon. Each box came with a container to stash your flower, a container to stash joints, rolling paper, blunt paper, and some little extra things.
Great boxes, i do think it would be cool for the boxes to be semi customizable.

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