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Love it. If you're a crafter, this is it

The Adults & Crafts Crate on Feb 2022

Love this box! Got my first one and I think they read my mind. I've been wanting to try resin casting. Got to try it (and I probably won't be doing it again...I'm too impatient). I'm happy with the final product. My cute little tray is on our guest room bedside table. My son recently stayed over and it was the first thing he commented on! I love it. I am very impatiently awaiting the next one. Lol

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First box did not impress. At all.

My Garden Box on Jan 2022

I'm not impressed.
The tiny pot that came to put the plant in was barely bigger than the nursery pot. Couldn't get the soil and sand into it without a magnifying glass. I hope the next box is better. I could have purchased the items in this one for about 10 bucks instead of the 30 something I paid.
Very disappointed. The plant seems to be in good health even though it was squashed by the paper used to pack it. We shall see. I may be requesting a refund.

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I'm in LOVE

The Plant Club on Jun 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new plant!!!
I can grow ANYTHING outside. But I have NEVER been one who can grow houseplants. So, I'm gonna try The Plant Club for a while and see if I can move my green thumb indoors as well!
Anyway - I can't provide a pic right now (hope I can add one later) - this plant is GORGEOUS.
I only have one complaint.
The plant is toxic. And can be dangerous. And should be handled with gloves when potting/repotting (learned all this when I looked it up online because it looks like it's about to bloom and I wanted to know if they do...they do, but they're not likely to if indoors and they aren't showy blooms). Apparently, there are some little crystals in the sap that can do some really painful stuff to your eyes (including damaging your cornea forever) and can cause your mouth to swell (it's called "Dumb Cane" because it can render someone who eats it or who contacts the plant with their mouth "dumb" for a while).
I have 2 Shihtzus and I hope they don't decide to take a bite. lol
At any rate, it's not going to kill us or our dogs, but it should be noted in the package in the future that the potter should wear gloves or wash their hands thoroughly after dealing with this gorgeous plant.
Just a suggestion.
Can hardly wait until next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! LOVE it!

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