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Love love love!!!

Chakra Box on Aug 2020

This box was AMAZING. Now, to be fair, I had to look up the Earth Star chakra bc I’m only familiar with the 7. So that was pretty neat - I also learned a lot of new things! Everything in this box is gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it! I’m a teacher and I’m planning to taking the smokeless sage spray to cleanse my new classroom before the year starts. The Tranquility essential oil blend smells lovely - it’s just earthy enough with notes of citrus balancing it out. I’m excited to learn more about using the crystal grid and crystals included in the bos - I am an avid rock collector but I have only gotten into learning more about them on the energetic side recently. My only complaint/concern is that the box mentions an email I’ll get with more information and a curated playlist and I haven’t received that email even though I got the box on Monday and now it’s Thursday. So that makes me sad. But other than that it’s perfect and I can’t wait to get my next 8 boxes!!!

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