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Disappointing for a subscription box

Hairstylist Club Box on Oct 2020

As a professional stylist and a subscriber to many beauty box subscriptions, this box was pretty disappointing. The owner tries to private label each item “HCB”. The point of a subscription box is to receive brands in the industry and that exceed over the $39.95 price point. The only useful and impressive item was the round rainbow brush which was obviously the most expensive piece in the box. The items should all be professional products/tools. It’s less impressive to have no name/private label items than nationwide recognized brands that make a statement. The items in the box did not add up to the money spent. I also got the shear of the month box. Again, the shears were clearly produced from China and private labeled “HCB”. The gold looks dirty, unpolished and very dull. Not appropriate for cutting hair. Sorry for the harsh review and hopefully with time you create more vendor relationships to bulk up your boxes. As of now, I cannot recommend.

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