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Great! Exactly As Expected!

D20 Collective on Jun 2021

What I got was exactly what I expected to get, which is great! My order contained two beautiful seven-piece sets of dice (d4, d6, d8, two d10 percentile, d12, and d20) in different colors (Oberon and Titania). The dice feel high quality, colors are vibrant, there don't seem to be any bubbles, and they came in appropriately sized plastic bags with a nice paper insert with the name of the dice set on it. The shipping package was a little bigger than necessary, but way more reasonable than the shipping from most of my other online orders, so we'll call that a win. All in all a good purchase!
UPDATE: It's been 10 months since I subscribed and the quality is pretty consistent! I've gotten a decently wide variety of different color combinations, several that have very different vibes than the others, and I always look forward to opening the package every month! If you're looking for a cheap way to keep your inner dice goblin well fed I definitely recommend trying this out!
Across ten months there's been one set that included bonus dice, one order that came without the paper name inserts, and one order that had a set that was a duplicate of one they'd sent me earlier. That being said, these are great dice for a great price and I'm happy to be a subscriber!
As a side note, I don't remember what packaging those first dice came in (that I commented on earlier), but the ones I...

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