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A Box Everyone Will Love

Fruit For Thought Subscription Box on Jun 2021

Over the past several months, I have narrowed down my box subscriptions due to problems reaching the owner, inflated costs, and items that were just plain boring.
Currently, I'm down to two that I enjoy so much that I would truly miss them if they were gone. "FRUIT FOR THOUGHT" is one that I could never give up.
Each month has a fruit theme (and no, this is not fruit of the month club) that is reflected throughout the box's contents. There are cute things, fun to eat things, useful things, and generally, things to make you smile!!!
The cost is definitely reflected in the number and quality of the items. This is not a cheap, throwaway box. Honestly, each month gets better and better.
Finally, many of us don't know or care who the owner/curator of the subscription is until something goes wrong or we need to ask a question. I have personally had to track down an owner just to find out one rather simple answer. Another, I emailed at least three times, and finally had to get Cratejoy to intervene. Again, this has NEVER happened with "Fruit For Thought". The owner, Pam, returns emails in less than one day (and often in mere hours)! If you have a problem or concern, she addresses it immediately. She provides the absolute best customer service.
So, if you're looking for a fun box with great content and top notch service, "Fruit for Thought" is the right subscription for you!

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Great Presentation, Not Much Else

Panduh Box on Jun 2021

This box is very interesting. Many of the items inside are beautifully and sweetly wrapped. However, there isn't much substance beyond that. Practically everything inside can be bought on eBay (from China). I subscribed for three months thinking it would get better. It never did. It's a cute box that's HIGHLY OVERPRICED. I wouldn't recommend it.

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