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Circus of Chaos--such a let down

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Aug 2020

We recently played the game Circus of Chaos. We had so much fun, and the clues were challenging but not impossible. When we got to the end however, we had 3 suspects left. We went back over the clues and still didn't think we could eliminate any of the remaining suspects. Based on circumstantial evidence, we picked one of the suspects remaining...and we were wrong. When we read the conclusion, of who the actual murderer was, all 6 of us playing were extremely disappointed. We KNEW what the motive was, but we had no reason to think that the actual murderer had this motive. In fact, the suspect we picked fit the story so much better. I should point out that all of us have done at least 6 different murder mysteries prior to this.
It made for a bitter end to an otherwise enjoyable game.

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