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Chilli flavoured disappointment

MexiCrate on Oct 2020

So this took nearly a month to get to Ireland compared to 3 days from a company in Japan. I stopped checking the tracking and actually forgot about it and it arrived today.
Not enough flavour variations, nearly everything in the box tasted the same (chilli/tamarind flavour) except a pineapple cookie (which was okay, not great), a grape flavoured fruit roll which tasted really cheap, a sesame brittle which didn't taste much of anything and a milk caramel wafer.
I tasted everything but couldn't finish anything, the foods were too spicy. I wouldn't mind a small few chilli products as I could just avoid those ones but with a box full of chilli, I had to avoid 95% of it.
If you like chilli, tamarind and salt flavour sweets then this is for you, if you dont then there is not enough variation to please everyone.

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