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Love this escape room box!

The Conundrum Box on Nov 2020

Honestly, I love the challenge of this box over other boxes.
- The boxes work out well to play with friends via Zoom (great for those Friday friend nights via lockdown)!
- The puzzles are challenging in that they make you think hard as opposed to other boxes where the puzzles are sometimes too straight forward.
- The extras they give like music, food recipes, etc. are really great.
- The hints make sense.
- The storylines are intriguing and fun. They're also non-repetitive in theming which is nice.
- Flows through with passwords and envelopes for each section of the game.
- They sell some of their old boxes online for when you need something to do between monthly shipments.
- Could use some proofreading. There are some corrections posted online on the game itself, but there are also grammatical errors in some of the text (though the grammar does not affect the game itself).
- The paper quality works in that it does what you want it to do, but the quality could be a bit higher when it comes to how they cut some of the printer paper aspects. This is really nitpicking though as most of their items are really nice.
Overall, I still really love this box and will continue subscribing as long as I can. :)

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