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Super Late Shipping

Japan Crate on Oct 2020

Ordered the October Crate off of them and thought everything would go smooth, however, things did not go as expected. On their website they advertise the fact that the crates would be shipped via DHL Worldwide delivery which takes 3-5 days to arrive once shipped (note: I am in Australia), then, when I received my shipping confirmation email I was thrilled, until I was told that despite me paying the standard DHL extra shipping fee for my location, my crate had been shipped via Surface Mail instead (basically via boat). So from 3-5 days guaranteed delivery, I was given 3+ month delivery.. now what really frustrates me is the fact that they advertised the 3-5 day DHL shipping before even making sure with DHL themselves that it would be possible, and instead did everything last minute on the actual day of shipping. Another thing they could've done instead is given me a heads-up email asking me how I wanted to proceed instead of just straight away sending it off on a boat without any consultation, I mean they could've atleast sent it via Air Mail instead and not Surface Mail.. especially since on their website it is unheard of for the shipping to take a few months, the longest it mentions on their shipping schedule is 6 weeks. The whole situation frustrates me but now the only thing I can really do is just wait until December or even longer to receive my October crate. Overall, I am not satisfied.

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