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Get Basic on May 2021

I was subscribed to Basic Man for 8 months. I really loved all of the products - the boxer briefs, tshirts, and socks are comfy and sometimes in colors I wouldn't pick for myself which was fun. BUT the shipping is all over the place. Sometimes I would get my items right on time after being charged and sometimes I wouldn't get my items until almost the end of the month, when It was time to be charged again. Currently, I've paid for April and still haven't gotten those items; I did get an email saying the new items were late getting to the warehouse but that was almost 2 weeks ago and I've already been charged for May. So I have cancelled my subscription. That being said, I've purchased separate items from their store, and those items have shipped pretty fast. If you want to try out the items before you commit to the subscription, I would order them from their store and proceed with caution with the subscription due to its rollercoaster shipping,

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