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THE VNUS BOX on Feb 2021

(Disclaimer*** I have made numerous attempts to contact seller on every contact they have available)
I wholeheartedly regret having to make this kind of review however my experience with this vendor has been far from satisfactory.
I live in Toronto Canada and purchased this subscription box as a gift for my daughter for her birthday in September 2020. The first two boxes came without a daughter loved everything and there were no issues.
However since then I have been billed for boxes and received nothing. The November box was apparently sent out but was immediately returned by FedEx and signed received. The December Box again was shipped and immediately returned to them. The January Box was billed on Jan 11th and still has not been sent out. I have made countless attempts to contact Vnus Box since November and have received no response from them. My daughter managed to contact them by phone in the middle of January through the phone number they have on IG and was promised that all 3 boxes plus a complimentary one would be sent....and nothing. And still no responses to emails. I am left with no option but to start disputes with my CC company.
Its a shame...I support Black business and will continue to do so. I will not resort to starting an online bashing campaign against this company however this needs to be known.
Purchase at your own risk. The product are great of you get them. Good luck.

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