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I took advantage of the 50% off back in August, never received my order but they charged me full price for September, I promptly emailed them and asked for a refund and asked what’s going on with my August order- they refunded the $20 for September and really can’t tell me what’s up with August’s order. First they said it would be ready to go out at the end of this week, now they’re saying it should be ready by the end of THIS month- making it 2 months late now- so my last email to them was asking for a full refund and cancel the subscription. We’ll see if they will honor my request. If I had to guess, they’re either super unorganized, they’re offering sizes they don’t have on hand or their production is done over seas because even right now, it shouldn’t take 2 freakin months to get a package. I order a lot of things online and especially right now things might take a week or 2 in the US but coming from over seas is the only thing that takes this long. I’d rather support LOCAL businesses- big or small. Editing to add that they did refund my original $9.99 and I successfully canceled the subscription

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