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SinglesSwag on May 2022

I signed up with SinglesSwag on 15 October. Everything I read online indicated that if I signed up by the 15th, I would receive the October box.
A tracking # was created under my account but when I click on says a shipping label was created on 19 Oct but that as of 10/27 the USPS hasn't received the package yet. I contacted SinglesSwag to find out what the issue was. The rep told me that my SinglesSwag Oct box had been delivered on 14 Oct. I pointed out that isn't possible since I signed up on the 15th. I received my Paradise Delivered box on the 14th. The rep said not to worry because I could just check the tracking number. I pointed out that when I check, it indicates a label was created but that the box was never provided to USPS for delivery. She said she would look into why my box hasn't shipped despite a label being created almost 10 days ago.
I never heard back from the rep. I responded to her email again requesting status yesterday (10/26). Still no response.
So...I wouldn't recommend this subscription box unless you're fine with paying $ for a subscription but not receiving the subscription box and you're ok with customer service dropping the ball.
I will be contacting my bank to dispute the charges for the subscription if I don't receive a response from SinglesSwag indicating the box has been shipped or my $ has been refunded....

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