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Don't waste your money


I have to give everything a 1 star, as I still have not received it.
Update, I have now received 3 boxes total. I was told that I was receiving a gift box as well, being delivered with the 2 boxes (3 total). If that is the case, I'm still waiting on my actual 3rd box from this company, even though my subscriptions says the 4th box is being processed. Where is #3? In addition, I was sent face masks with naked ladies on them; not that I would ever wear them, but also I can't wear those in public. There were a lot of Ulta brand products, seemed like a lot freebees you would get from purchases.
Update to my update: I have received 4 boxes total. I have cancelled my subscriptions. It says 6 boxes have shipped, still waiting on 5 and 6.
On a positive note, they did send very cute personalized items. A mask with my name on it and a small note book with my name on it. Their packaging is very cute and crafty.

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