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I got mine as a gift I LOVE THEM

Spiffy Socks - Amazing Bamboo Socks on Oct 2020

I did not buy this 3 month subscription. My daughter bought it for my birthday- I didn't even know socks could be purchased this way. I was surprised and had a smile all day the first pair looked like they had lima beans on them maybe it was something else but that's what they look like to me- the next month I got really cute socks with slices of limes on them they are my favorite, the last ones were stripes and they are cute too but more normal- this was the greatest gift I was sad when it was over- I am going to subscribe by myself this time - it was that much fun. The material is very comfy and had an almost padded feeling in an uncomfy pair of shoes i have it made them feel good when i wore them with my socks. they wash up well and I look forward to signing up to get some more.

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