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Beverly R.

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Excited to get my first box!

Free Your Tea on Apr 2021

I recived my innitial samples within a week of my order. It was fun sampling the different teas and giving my ratings on the site. it's nice to be able to say what I like and don't like about different flavors. I'm hoping the little notes I leave on the ratings are also helpful with learning about my preferences. :)
I am glad I was able to say upfront what flavors I cannot drink. for example, I'm alergic to peach so I'm glad I was able to list that. and, I hate apple and glad I could say that too because it's used so much as flavoring for things.
even though I've yet to receive my first official box I'm confident that I'll get something I'll like because there was not one tea in the samplings that I had a problem with. My two favorites in the samples I had: Russian Caravan and Jasmine Green.

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