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Obsessed even before it started!

Totally Booked Crate on Jun 2018

I came across this subscription by chance and instantly knew that I HAD to sign up! I had been looking at two or three other romance-geared subscription book boxes when I stumbled upon this one (which hadn't even actually launched at that time). Normally my instinct would have been to keep an eye on it for a few months, see a few "previous boxes" first, so I could have an idea of whether or not it was worth the money, but something about it instantly said "this is the one"; all of the others dropped by the wayside and I jumped on the opportunity to get into this one from the very first box, and have been SO pleased with it. Not only are the books/goodies amazing, but the owner is just a doll and you can really tell that she is really passionate about sending out a great box; not just because she wants her endeavor to succeed, but because this (seems) to be a real labor of love for her. It is my absolute favorite and I am constantly chomping at the bit waiting for my next MGP crate! <3

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