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Fun for the family

Escape the Crate on Jun 2021

Got an annual subscription for my 13-year old who loves escape rooms, and have been so impressed by the quality and thought put into each of the boxes. The puzzles are the perfect level of difficulty for our family to where our 6-year old can also play along and feel like she's contributing, but it's not eye-rollingly easy, or so convoluted that there would be no way to figure it out without a hint, which has been the case with some store-bought escape room games we have tried. We usually don't time ourselves as we are just playing for fun, but I would say each box gives at least 2 hours of playing time, and no one loses interest along the way (even the 6-year old). I also love the fact that the games can be re-played again later as nothing is usually damaged (or if it is, you can print new copies). Once we have played, we often pass the box on to our neighbors so they can play too. Highly recommend, and we will likely renew our annual subscription again this Christmas to continue the family fun time!

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