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Club Tac on Jan 2021

I REALLY want to love ClubTac! Loved the backstory, and I love supporting our military and former military. I ordered a pro box for my husband at the beginning of December, was asked over a week later to verify my address, which I did, then didn't hear back from them again. The box never showed (dang it, no Christmas present there!) so I reached out and they asked me to verify my address again, which I did.
Long story short, they said they tried multiple platforms to ship to me (I live in a US Territory, so it's USPS domestic mail and very easy to ship--ask the other subscription services, or really anyone who has lived on Guam). Not a big deal though, I understand that some companies have difficulty with shipping processes to territories. The customer service rep was really nice and kept asking for my address so I could forward it on to my husband, haha. He even offered to add in a bonus for the hassle. So that was cool! However, my husband isn't deployed, we both live together on a US Territory so it was a strange misunderstanding. I asked them to cancel my subscription since they couldn't ship to me, and they did that.
What's not cool though, and why I'm rating this 3 stars is because of the weird communication. Since cancelling, I continue to get emails as well as text...

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