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Nice quality, but a lot of cats

Loot Pin - Enamel Pin Subscription on Aug 2022

I've been subscribing for a little over a year now and get excited for my pins each month (original + premium). As many pins as there are (24 in a year) , there seemed to be common themes or elements. I've gotten multiple wave pins, equal/equality, and CATS (25% of them are cats)! I do like cats and waves and equality, but maybe not so many??. I just received another "equality for all pin" this month (not pictured) that is just so so similar to the ones above. I'm curious to see what comes for the rest of the year (I'm on a 1 year prepay), and will decide if I'll keep subscribing afterward. Would love to see more food pins and other animal or nature designs.
Update 8/2022: I received a duplicate pin that I received earlier this year. I not sure the system of tracking what is sent, but the pins have been very similar to each other.

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