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Not sure about this box

Rose War Panty Power on Nov 2020

I’m on the fence about this box. I compared it to A Genies Dream (AGD) period box I got last month and although I felt more value and pampered by AGD box, this box had its own unique strengths but I’m still not sure about it yet.
This is what I got:
-2 panties which fit well but one wasn’t exactly my style (one was a bit grandma pantyish with full coverage). The material was really nice though and for your period I guess it works ok but I probably won’t wear this pair often .
-14 pads and 3 pantiliners (I opted for no tampons). This was more pads in this box than A Genies Dream gave me and the pads were Really great quality winged pads that fit well. This was the best part of the box for me surprisingly because they were the best pads I’ve used before.
-Cheap snacks like Cheetos, a single turtle chocolate, butter cookies and a small hard candy
Im not sure if I will continue this box because I really only like one of the panties I got so $25 for a single pair of panties that I will actually wear and some pads seems kinda high. Although the snacks are appreciated at that time of the month I didn’t really feel like it added to the money value of the box.

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